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Welcome to Superintendent Ruth's Home Page 

I would like to take this opportunity on behalf of the Miller School District to welcome you to my website.  My goal with this site is to provide you with pertinent information about our district, including board meeting agendas, board meeting minutes, school calendars, and other information.
If you have noticed, our school website has been improved with the idea to be more user friendly, updated, and accurate.  Please provide feedback to me or others as to the relevance of our website.
Our school district has a glowing history of success in academics with many students going on to pursue a variety of professional pathways.  Our parents and staff have instilled in our graduates the belief that the sky is the limit in their lives.  We are proud of what our graduates have accomplished both professionally and personally.
We have also enjoyed innumerable successes in many extra-curricular areas.  Our band continues to be one of the most respected in the state of South Dakota regardless of school size.  We have won state championships in a variety of athletic events.  We have been able to maintain a high-achieving FFA program as well as a successful FCCLA program.  Oral interpretation, chorus, plays, and other activities find great amounts of participation by our students.  As you can see, we offer many opportunities and have many students excel in a variety of activities.
Being involved in so many different activities has put our district on a great path to the future.  Our school board is interested in providing a quality educational experience to all our students.  We are involved in the One-To-One technology initiative in which all of our high school students have been issued a tablet computer to enhance their educational experience.  We are also using the latest technological tools in every classroom in our district.  It is truly amazing how the educational world has begun to evolve in the past few years.  We are excited about what these tools have done to enhance our curriculum as well as engage our students in the learning process.
I am a firm believer in the positives our district is experiencing.  We hope you will enjoy your experience in our school district and community.  If there is anything I can do to help enhance your stay, please do not hesitate to ask.
Respectfully submitted,

Michael Ruth

Michael Ruth
Superintendent, Miller School District




Miller 11-12 Academic Calendar(FINAL).pdf
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               Mike Ruth School Superintendent


Miller School Web Site



Our mission as a learning community is to prepare our students for the future by engaging them in their academic, artistic, physical, and social development.
1)      90% of our students in grades 3-8 and 11 will be proficient or advanced
         in the area of reading and math for 2012.
2)       The subgroup of students with disabilities will improve 10% proficient
          and advanced in grades 3-8 and 11 in the area of reading and math.
3)       50% of the ELL subgroup of students will be proficient or advanced in
          reading and math.
4)      100% of our students will graduate in 2012.
5)      100% of our certified staff will be highly qualified.
6)       95% of our 7-12 students will be eligible for extra-curricular activities
          each semester.
7)       By 2012-2013, we will implement a tutoring program at the elementary.
8)       The MAHB (Miller Area Health Board) will continue to promote health and
          wellness within our school community.
9)      We will continue to contact our stakeholders throughout the year
         regarding school information.
10)   On an annual basis, all Miller schools will practice lockdown and
         evacuation procedures.
11)  By 2012-2013, we will implement a Kinderstart program in the Miller
        School District.